Friday, January 22, 2010

XL Again!

I'm going to do the whole Bangalore-Calcutta-Jamshedpur thing again. I'm going to go in through those wide open black gates again. I'm going to see Anu again! I'm going to sit on JLT and drink nimbu pani again. I'm going to have coffee at Daddu's again - steaming hot coffee with chocolate powder liberally spilled over it. I'm going to talk to the Profs, and this time know what an honour and opportunity that is! I'm going to sit on El Top Top and watch the orange lights of Tata Steel again. I'm going to go to Karnel Singh's Dhaba and have butter naan and paneer butter masala again. I'm going to walk under those tall tall trees and be awe-struck all over again. I'm going to visit the library and walk through the fiction shelves again. I'm going to watch the dawn lighten over the top of GH1 and feel an indescribable longing again. I'm going to have Bishu Da's Cheese Maggi again! I'm going to NOT be a company senior. I'm going to ride back from Bistupur in a cold cold auto again. I'm going to go to Mad Sam and have butter masala dosa and their insanely sweet coffee again! I'm going to try to get enough people to play basketball again. I'm going to sit on a green bench in the sun and read a book again. I'm going to take a walk through Faculty Quarters with Anu again.

For two whole days in February.
• • •


Gradwolf said...

recruitment? View from the other side of the table? ;)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

You are going to have a good time! :)


naween said...

the curious case of benjamin button.

Jade said...

Gradwolf: Recruitment, yes, but thankfully not on the interview panel. It would be tough to interview my own juniors!

Sandeep: Yup! :D

Naween: Not exactly!

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Sthalle! :D :)

Alok said...

aapne kamaaal likha hai :)

Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...

lucky bugger

Jade said...

Nikhil: :D

Alok: Thanks! :)

Ninja: Buhaha! :D