Monday, March 15, 2010


New cities are exciting. Especially when you land there at six in the morning. Getting off a bus, being mobbed by autowallahs. A red sun rising between two trees. Women carrying yellow flowers in baskets. Sleepy neighbourhoods. Murugan Idli. Yellow autos.

The city I've heard so much about, the city I used to wish to be a part of, the city I started to hate for no fault of its. I finally saw it, and it made me realize how soulless Bangalore is.


Sitting on the rocks lining Pondicherry beach, feet dangling over the drop. Slightly high. Talking. Listening to the waves breaking upon the rocks below. Wishing he was here with me. The breeze coming in from the sea. Wishing it wasn't so cloudy. The realization that this will be one of my favourite memories years down the line.


It was seven in the night, and Besant Nagar (?) beach was so crowded. People sitting in circles on the sand. Kids running around. Young boys playing football. Colourful lights that went zooming into the air. Women selling peanuts. Above it all, and as a background, the waves pounding the sand.
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Farcenal said...

From your posts it seems you have a deep connection with the beach and the coast and the sea. I understand why you therefore don't share such passion for the spirit of Bangalore.... but I think calling it 'soulless' is a bit harsh, no?

janus said...

like. except for the soulless bangalore and soulful chennai bit. disagree.

Jade said...

Thanks! :)

I would have thought the same before I actually went to Chennai. Maybe it was because my first impression was of early-morning Chennai. Cities are so poignant at dawn, aren't they?

Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...

I would have almost agreed with your post, but then I read your comment above - Chennai over Bengaluru??!!!

Duhh! DUHHH!!! (this coming from a partial madarasi) :-)

Me thinks you need to understand a real city with a real soul!

P.s. That means Pune! :D
P.s.s. Ahmedabad aint' so bad either ;)

janus said...

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xte2yzyo said...

I love beaches and I am dying to go on a vacation. Last year I was in Bangalore for a wedding and oh god did I get migraine because of the traffic or what. =| I think most cities are infested this way, good that you got such a break.

P.S : I love your template, how do you guys manage to personalise them so well ?

Jade said...

Ninja: Haha! For a second, I thought you were going to say Bangalore. :D I have to admit I haven't been to either Pune or Ahmedabad. :(

Bloody Mary: Since you have a Blogger blog, visit the link below to know how. :)

Farcenal said...

If you want the spirit of Bangalore, in my humble opinion, you should go to:
- Empire at midnight on Friday or Saturday
- A terrace party in Frasier/Langford/Richmond/one of the Towns
- Nagarjuna on a weekday lunch

But you have to be open to it. Bangalore's spirit isn't as 'in your face' as Bombay, Calcutta or Delhi, but it's there if you're open to it.