Monday, March 31, 2014

The A2Z Challenge

Yeah, I'm back.

It turns out that unless there's an active resolution to blog, no blogging happens. 

"But blogging is so 2004," you might say with a yawn. "Why are you still bothering?"

The answer, clearly, is that I'm not. 

But the thing is - I WANT to bother. It's only on this blog that I write at all, and I've forgotten how it feels to have words flowing from the end of my fingertips.

And so I've signed up for the A2Z Challenge. 

Actually, wait - that's only one of the reasons I've signed up, and not even the main one. 

I just got back from a ten-day vacation to Thailand and Cambodia. Thailand was nice, but Cambodia was just - magical. Temples, history, greenery, lakes, heat - magical.

And when I was thinking of how to hold on to those memories, I realized I had to write. But there's so much to write that it wouldn't have got done in a post or two. 

And then I realized that April was also A2Z Challenge month. Why not, I thought, sign up for the challenge with my experiences in Cambodia as the theme?

At first, the idea seemed audacious. Could I really write twenty-six posts on just three and a half days in Cambodia? I started trying to think of posts for each of the letters and it turned out that - yes, I could do it quite easily. 

And so here we are. I'm fully aware that I might not finish the challenge. Last year, despite being unemployed for the first half of the month, I wrote only eighteen posts. But then last time I was travelling pretty much every weekend. This time, I will not be. Hopefully, I'll manage to finish.

Wish me luck! Here's a taste of things to come.

• • •