Sunday, December 24, 2006

First Call

The IIFT exam results came out yesterday and I got a call! How brilliant is that?

I was outside Venky, having lunch from one of those roll places, and Mani messaged me, "Congrats on IIFT." Very matter-of-fact and all, and I obviously couldn't believe it, because the exam had gone so badly. I told my friend, "I think I might have got through IIFT." And she was more excited than I was. I messaged him back immediately, "Seriously? You had better not have been joking, Mani." Yeah, that's how I message. But, bleh, I didn't get the delivery report for another fifteen minutes, and by then I'd decided to just call him up and ask and he said, "Haan, haan, yaar. Maine dekha hai tera naam." Or something to that effect. Whee! I didn't do a little jig at the bus stop but it was a close thing.

So this is the first call I'm getting. And I feel so happy about it. I love the world and it loves me! I think I'm so happy mostly because the paper hadn't gone too well. You know how it is - you build up for CAT on the nineteenth, and after it there's this deflated 'that's it?' sort of feeling, and you're sleep-walking through the week, rather than studying for the IIFT paper next Sunday. During the paper, I was just attempting the questions I felt like attempting, rather than the ones it would have been smart to attempt.

CAT results come out on the second, and SNAP results on the eighth, and both of those went better than IIFT. Though it's the comparative performance that matters, of course. Nineteen thousand people gave the paper, and eleven hundred have cleared it, and now there's the GD/PI process left. But I don't really want to think about that right now. This feeling - it's so nice and warm.
• • •