Monday, February 21, 2011


The first rain of the season. I can hear it through the window. I can smell it, though I'm closeted inside. I can feel the sweetness on my face, I can feel the wind on my arms.

I'm lost in music. Music about the rain, music about longing.

This is heaven. An image of brown earth, a red sari blowing in the wind. Loneliness, romantized. Possibilities.

Music really does make life worth it, doesn't it?
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certifiedrambler said...

Strange how the first showers of the season inspired us to post something about it. Stumbled across yours just now. Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...


Some of your die-hard fans are staging a protest for the revival of hot gossipy posts! Boo

Jade said...

Certified Rambler: Yup, I always feel like blogging when it rains. :) So do you, I see.

Anon: Sigh, how hard it is to guess your identity! Unfortunately, there's no gossip left in my life any more. I'm almost married, in case you're forgetting!