Thursday, August 06, 2009

Word Field

They inserted a new word into my word field today. I'd laboured over my word field for so long, planting the words just so, making sure that they followed the design, that a purple word didn't clash with a pink one. And now they had added a stupid little black the, and I was powerless to throw it back out of my precious plot.

It stood there foolishly, looking around, a stupid grin on its e of a face. All the other words tried to ignore it studiously - they were my creations, after all. But I could see them throwing curious looks at it. They had never seen a black word before. All the words in my field are colourful. I water them with nice healthy commas and full stops, just the right amount. And I never take them away from their fellows. That's how words become black, you know - when they don't quite fit in, when they know that they're unwanted.

I knew that I shouldn't dislike the black the. After all, it hadn't asked to be put into a word field where it wasn't wanted. Making friends with new words is always tough. In fact, maybe it had been a bright red before it was plucked and put here.

But now it was stuck with me and I was stuck with it. Suddenly feeling sorry for it, I asked it to stand behind a big yellow banana. I wasn't supposed to, of course. The Authorities are very strict about the order they put the words in - I'm not supposed to change it. But I did this one time - it was better for everybody.

• • •


naween said...

you should have made it stand beside 'see'. that would have done justice to it.

lafemmereva said...

No really. Didn't get it at all. Im sorry!! I did re read and Nopes. Im drawing a blank. MaybeIm having a dumb blonde moment.

Niranjana said...

OK - now explain!!!!

Jade said...


lafemmereva: Nah... It wasn't meant to be understood. :)

Niranjana: This is something we ranted about one day over messages. And you said - wow, we're such modest people! :)

R said...

Okay, wait. Black is a colour too. A powerful one at that.

R said...

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