Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chasing the Sun

Early afternoon. I'm out to get myself a pineapple juice, to make up for having skipped lunch. I give the counter guy the token and wait for him to make it. Just then, I catch a yellow gleam from the corner of my eye. I look up and see that it's The Sun, winking and beaming down at me.

"Why, hello Sun!" I say. "This is a pleasant surprise! Been some time since we've seen you around here!"

"What - what are you saying, girl?" says The Sun. "I've been here almost every day! It's just that I get here a little late because of the rain, so you don't quite see me when you leave for work in the morning."

"Oh right, okay. And it's late by the time I leave, so I don't catch you then either. Right, yeah," I say absent-mindedly, wondering where my fruit juice went. "So what's up? What are you up to these days?"

"Oh, same old, same old. Rise in the East, set in the West. You?"
"Oh I recently started work, ya know. So that's pretty much it," I say glumly.

"Yeah, I was just thinking the other day that it's been some time since I saw you. I remember when you were at XL, you used to sit outside almost everyday, chatting with your friends or maybe reading a book."

"Yeah, those were the days..."

"You know, I like seeing you around. You should get out more in the daytime. Look at you, your skin so pale and your hair so dull."

"I know, I know. But what can I do? Job and all, you know how it is."

"Why don't you get a job that lets you be outside? It would do you a whole lot of good. You're wasting your youth, sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen."

"I know," I say, sighing. I look at the trees waving in the wind and feel a certain longing.

"Imagine," says The Sun temptingly. "Imagine watching a sunset sitting on a cliff. Imagine tramping through the jungle. Imagine swimming in a clear pool. Imagine..."

"Okay, okay. Stop being John Lennon," I say crossly. "It's easy enough for you to say all this. But how do I pay for my expensive education and support myself? Anyway, all this is pure romantic garbage. In reality there would be mosquitoes and heat and having to pee in the bushes and... and I bet it'll all get very boring pretty soon."


"And where will it get me at the end of the day anyway? At least I'm doing something here. At least I'll get promoted in some time and reach somewhere and earn some more money. Something to look forward to."

"Oh right," says The Sun with a snicker. "I forgot about the rat race you're part of. Alright, whatever. Have it your way. I'm leaving. See you around, girl."

With that, he hides behind some convenient clouds, leaving me to my suddenly disturbed thoughts.

"Ma'am, your juice," says the counter guy.
"Thank you," I say automatically.

I make sure I leave early that day, just to prove The Sun wrong - in some obscure way. Unfortunately, it's raining and dark and he's nowhere to be seen. I shiver and hug myself and walk all alone to my bus.

• • •


R said...

The sun did speak to me, and really made sense. Which is why I quit my job. Only to be able to figure something else out. I wonder if it'll be at a desk in front of a computer again though..

naween said...

it's all a conspiracy. the sun wants everyone else to get burnt. just like him.

Jina said...

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Jina said...

Jade-Its too early.take ur time.When did you start working??
wanted to do psychology instead of medicine I did that-Got bored
wanted to do something socially relevant-Did that and realized wont help me survive
wanted to start working with something innovative-Did that and got jaded
Wanted to sit and relax and do my own thing at my own pace-Started loathing myself for it
Now, again wanted to do a totally impulsive decision-Doing it and Im pretty sure its not gonna take me to the top of Maslows pyramid

Sometimes we need the sun and the rain-but mostly we need to prove to ourselves that we are worth something.

But by the end of it all, you will anyways realize you are brace yourself and run the race till it lasts

Nikhil Narayanan said...

This Sun talks to me daily,more during the weekends.He keeps saying that he can't help me, but just remind me to do something worth while.

Jade said...

Rohit: How exactly does the process of figuring out happen?

Naween: Or maybe he's old and wise and knows what he's talking about?

Jina: Yup, it's too early, I know. I'll try to curb my gypsy-instincts for a while. :)

Nikhil: Exactly! It's the worth-while-less-ness that worries me.

Ganesh said...

in countries near the equator... folks usually work pretty hard... so called third world countries.. n end up seeing less of the sun - blame tht on the amount of time spent in office..

countries up north n down under.. so called developed countries.. folks r relaxed.. 9-6 job usually.. but still end up seeing less of the sun.. blame that on the sun for spending less time for them :).

man my thinking is weird :)

Aravind said...

Hey, this is a nice blog you have here. keep writing.

Jade said...

Ganesh: Heh. True actually. The sun prefers us. ;)

Aravind: Thanks! :)