Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 and 2014

A fortnight after 2014 began, let me try to sum up 2013.

I read more, and I read better (though I didn't write about all of the books here). I traveled a bit, but less than I would have liked to. Unfortunately, I wrote about very little of those travels. For the first time in many years, I suffered an infection that lasted longer than a couple of days - and made me realize how terrible the power of a tiny virus is. I wrote more, though less than I should have. I won the first significant writing competition of my life. In the same month, I also suffered one of the worst disappointments of my life. I faced interviews for the first time since campus. I got a new job. I made new friends. I moved far away from my comfort zone, and learnt quite a bit in the process. I surprised myself by being tenacious. I enrolled for a lot of Coursera courses, but completed none. I got two job offers without applying for them. I took a break from Facebook for nine months. I took up the A2Z Challenge, and actually wrote nineteen posts! I went jogging for three months and lost no weight, but managed to lose two kilos a couple of months after I stopped. I was called 'slim' for the first time ever. I experienced the phenomenon of 'Shut Down' for the first time in my career, and boy - was it awesome. Now if only the phenomenon of holiday weight didn't exist. I lost touch with a lot of people I shouldn't have lost touch with. I missed four weddings I should have attended, two for no fault of my own. I was forced to use a Blackberry for the first time ever, and am still in such denial about it that I haven't transferred my contacts to it yet. My husband and I got ourselves a housing loan.

But 2013 was also the year of lost days, a year of many negative thoughts and much unhappiness, a year of falling prey to habits and being stuck in a rut in many ways. I hope 2014 turns out better.

So these, for what they are worth (because readers of this blog know how good I am at keeping resolutions), are my resolutions for the year:

1. I will write more - though not necessarily on the blog.
2. I will maintain a diary, because it makes people more productive.
3. I will consciously plan and travel more.
4. I will complete a Coursera course. :)
5. I will read more and I will read better.
6. I will go jogging at least three times a week.
7. I will consciously be happy.
• • •