Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The February Resolution - Status Update

The handful of readers who still follow this blog despite the extinction of Google Reader may have noticed the sudden increase in the frequency of posts. Apart from a couple of incidental reasons such as sudden and glorious freedom from eye infection and a resulting increase in the number of books read, the bigger reason for the increase is that I suddenly remembered my February Resolution to post at least a hundred posts on this blog this year.

That target was always going to be a tough one. Even in the anonymous heydays of this blog, when it (technically, one of its many predecessors) was just a scribbling pad for all of my teenaged thoughts, the post count never crossed hundred a year (ninety-four was the highest - way back in 2005). And now here we are with three quarters of the year gone, and I've only posted fifty-three times (this will be the fifty-fourth post). 

Fifteen posts a month over the next three months looks daunting, given that my highest this year has been nine a month (not counting April, when I did the A2Z Challenge). Strangely enough, it's not that I'm lacking for ideas for posts - I have an entire list drawn up. What I lack is the patience to sit down and write them out. It also looks like the next couple of months will be pretty hectic for me, so time will be a problem as well.

In fact, one of the main reasons I made that resolution was to get myself to write complete more short stories. My problem with writing has always been my "finishing" ability - the ability to actually conclude a story rather than constantly thinking up new threads and background details that elongate the story till I give up on it.

But the resolution hasn't helped at all. I seem to be writing more and more about the books I read, and I've barely written a story in the last few months. Writing about what I'm reading is good - it makes me think about the books and the writing in a deeper way than I normally would. And it also ensures that I read better books, even if just to show off!

So here's a fresh resolution - yes, I'm all about the resolutions! I'll put up at least one short story a week here, no matter how bad it is. Feedback is much required and welcome. You can choose to leave anonymous comments as well, if your feedback is negative. The objective of this particular resolution is to get me to finish the many half-written stories I have in my Google Drive.


On another note, I've discovered something recently. Now that I'm writing more "content"-oriented posts, the number of visitors who come here through Google has been increasing. My 'Popular Posts' list changes quite frequently based on what people are googling for. I can instantly tell when one of my posts has landed up on the front page for a particular search string - the number of hits rises exponentially.

And as I predicted here, I guess those are the only kind of readers I can hope for now that Google Reader is dead. But maybe it's better this way - as long as the posts are useful for the people who're searching for them, I guess I'm happy.
• • •