Thursday, June 06, 2013

Ten Questions YJHD* Left Me With

*Where YJHD refers to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.
  1. Do all medical students wear mini-skirts and short dresses?
  2. From which shop did Deepika Padukone's character buy Bausch & Lomb contact lenses in the middle of the Himalayan mountains? Not to mention the white hot-pants?
  3. Why does IMDb say that the movie is 130 minutes long when it is CLEARLY at least four and a half hours long?
  4. What percentage of the movie's budget was devoted to Deepika Padukone's clothes?
  5. And on the subject of her clothes, what was that pink thing she was wearing? Surely it was too small to be a bra?
  6. Does Kalki Koechlin not eat?
  7. Does Ranbir Kapur ever play characters that are NOT fun and awesome and happy-go-lucky at the beginning of the movie and all mature and grown-up at the end?
  8. Has the movie's director ever heard of this concept called - editing?
  9. Why did I not take along at least one rotten tomato for the scene where [SPOILER ALERT BUT NOT REALLY] the two lead characters spend five torturous minutes declaring their love for each other?
  10. Why did the audience not collectively shoot its own brains off when the n+1-th song started?
  11. [Bonus extra question since you read till the end] How does Holi happen two weeks AFTER Ranbir Kapoor is shown eating a mango? 
• • •


Krishna Chaitanya said...

Have you heard of har msusam aam? If Imran can get Mangoes then..

Krishna Chaitanya said...

Typo there. But you get the drift right?

DR said...

@KC: Hadn't seen the ad, but googled and figured it out, yes. Like Imran, Ranbir should have fed Kalki the mango - she REALLY needs it!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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DR said...

@Shrik: Oh yeah - true! I did catch that (her mum was the one criticizing, btw), but then the later scenes were so much more jaw-dropping. I was actually enjoying the movie till that Holi dance scene which was completely out of context.

The domain name is all Nikhil's doing. Though I obviously didn't discourage him. :D Now the next step is to actually write!

Unknown said...

(Can't edit comments? Really? What's up with that, Blogger?)! Awesome, going to town on that writing career I see :D

I'd say question 0 would be:

0. Where does Deepika Padukone's mom get off judging Kalki Koechlin's clothes in that opening scene at the supermarket, where Deepika herself is wearing a really tiny skirt?

It also brought up some latent questions on whether it is really okay to be an utter twat and lay-about as long as you get your shit together later in life, but that's a discussion for another time.

DR said...

@Shrik: Well, they make Me (the Blog Owner!) fill in Captcha for comments, so can't really expect much. I think comments are the one aspect Blogger still hasn't caught up with Wordpress on. Still no nested comments, can you imagine?

Was he an utter twat and layabout, though? He was very clear on what he wanted, and did that. His only fault was that he forgot his friends and family in the process.