Monday, May 20, 2013

Things You Learn on Rainy Bangalore Evenings

  1. Walking in the rain is not fun when it's involuntary.
  2. Wearing white in Bangalore during the summer showers season is probably not a good idea. 
  3. Fourteenth floor offices are pretty awesome - as awesome as watching black clouds slowly creeping across the skies, periodically shooting bolts of lightning at the ground.
  4. Finding an empty auto in Bangalore on rainy evenings is about as easy as finding that needle in that haystack everybody keeps talking about.
  5. If you thought Bangalore auto-wallahs were assholes who always charged extra - wait till you actually manage to find an empty auto on a rainy evening. They'll ask for 5X without batting an eyelid.
  6. If you've been super-productive during the day and actually managed to finish everything you'd wanted to do an hour earlier than you'd expected to - well, it's a sign from the Universe to just pack and leave. Otherwise something bad is going to happen - like pounding rain just when you're leaving. And you're going to be stuck in office for an hour, waiting for the rain to stop.
  7. Buses are awesome. Period. How else will you feel that sense of joy when the right bus lands up just when you reach the bus stop - and it's empty!
People who are now planning to leave comments saying I should buy a car (you know who you are) - spare me.
• • •