Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gender Disadvantage and Class Advantage

Wow. I'd never thought of this that way.

Co-incidentally, just after reading this article, I saw the bookmark I was using. Flipkart has this series of bookmarks on the theme of 'Reasons to use the bookmark'. Reason #10? 'Your mum is vacuuming the sofa, and you are on it.' Never the dad.

The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : The everyday embrace of inequality:

A professional woman who wants to have a serious career learns to use her class advantage (the ability to hire a worker) to minimise her gender disadvantage (the inability to insist that your husband do his share of the housework and childcare). To put it bluntly, men simply won't do housework and women don't feel they can make them. The dominant ideology continues to be indisputably that men are responsible for life outside the home and women for life within the home, even if women work outside the home. The presence of a servant simply mitigates the need to insist that men do their share at home, and because it is the servant that does the housework, it continues to be devalued labour.

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mridu said...
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mridu said...

I already feel guilty about it, even though my life hasn't taken that turn yet. brrrr.... the nicest Indian born and raised male cannot be completely depended upon. sigh. hopefully the next generation will do better?
Discussed this with my mum one day. She mentioned how her peers felt they'd raised their daughters to be independent strong women, but they hadn't worked on their sons to match up to these new, growing class of women!
but to be fair, i wouldn't completely blame it on the men, the mothers, or anyone else...its the whole system in a way...but thats a longer discussion, for another time and place (offline, face to face!)...and i say this also after looking at how things operate in the west.

PS. Happy about the new blog and the openly proclaimed identity. :)

Misty-mornings said...

Its the same women who want a separate coach in the metro, a diff line in movie halls, their boss' to be more considerate, their boyfriends to be the one 'asking them out', their husbands to lift the heavy luggage and do the cockroach killing. How is that justified? Isn't that discrimination against men. WOnder why nobody speaks up against that!