Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Stardust - Neil Gaiman

When I started reading 'Stardust', I suddenly realized that I had watched the beginning of a movie based on the novel. At the time, I had switched channels because it seemed like a kids' movie. And I felt the same about the book, too. (Well, if you discount the love-making in the second chapter.)

Stardust is the story of Tristan Thorn, from the village of Wall, who goes in search of a fallen star. Victoria, the prettiest girl in the village, has agreed to marry him if he gets her the star.

The village of Wall is a special place - you see, it's right on the border between our world and Faerie, the land of magic. The star has fallen into Faerie, and it's into this magical and dangerous place that Tristan must venture if he is to get Victoria the fallen star.

Fortunately, he finds the star without too much trouble, thanks to a little gnome who owes his father a debt. He discovers that the fallen star is actually a young girl-woman, and a pretty obnoxious one at that. Getting her back to Victoria will be a tough task, especially because she has broken her leg during the fall.

To complicate matters, there are many others who are after the fallen star. There are two princes, who must retrieve from the star a stone that she has in her keeping, to claim their right to the throne of their kingdom. There is a wicked old witch, who needs the star's heart to regain her lost youth.

The novel follows Tristan and the star, and relates their many adventures as they try to find their way back to Wall. It's a quick single-sitting read for those who have time. It took me two weeknights, and that's saying something, considering my current deplorable reading speed. 
• • •