Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Full Moon

Eight in the night, and the Fin folks and I are all alone on the floor. Today the rest of my own team has left early, for some reason. The music of choice today for the Fin guys is Enrique Inglesias. "You can take my breath away," the sweet Fin guy croaks gently. I hide my smile, because he's a sweet guy.

Outside, the office grounds resemble a resort. Bamboo groves and paths of rough stone; hidden lights and croaking frogs. It's so peaceful in the nights - partly the reason I prefer to leave at seven or eight rather than at six. I look up and almost trip over the pavement stones. It's a full moon night - or near enough as to make no difference. I stare at the moon for a full five seconds quietly. And then walk on, neck still craning to catch a glimpse of it behind me.

On nights like these, I think of XL. I think of the same moon rising over XL and I feel a strange sort of connection.

Full moons were always my favourite nights there. I would go for walks in the dead of the night, just to catch glimpses of the moon. Somehow, these nights more than any other used to remind me of how little time I had; how every day, every hour at that place was precious and should be enjoyed. At the same time, they were calming. I could sit back and relax and just watch the moon. Sometimes it was silver, sometimes it was golden, at other times it was almost a battle red. But always it was large, looming over the hostel terrace like some pre-historic God keeping an eye on his people.

And here in Bangalore? I only notice the moon on nights like these, when I'm coming out of the office in the night. Last month I noticed that it was a full moon when I went out to buy something, and took an extra round of the colony just to keep seeing it. And the month before, it was on MM's birthday, I remember. I came out of office talking to her on the phone, saw the moon and said, "Oh! It's a full moon!" And she said, "It is?" in that typical MM way. Of course, it turned out later that it was the day after or something.

I think I must have been a werewolf in a previous life. :)

• • •


janus said...

full moon madness :P

btw, notice how you caught the full moon this month, and the month before *and* the month before the month before? :P

and still you say you never catch the full moon? :P

sandeep said...

i luv full moon nights too ... ever been at a beach on a full moon night?

Jean said...

Don't worry, you aren't the lone werewolf. Over half humanity joins you.
Full moon rising is a precious sight, though not exactly rare, and I sometimes wonder how many times I would get to see it. Which is a foolish thought and a waste of time, anyway.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

This headline is for you! :)

naween said...

scarred for life

Jade said...

Janus: Just accidental. :)

Sandeep: No, actually. But definitely on my To-Do list! :)

Jean: Exactly. There is also that 'Thousand full moons seen' concept right? When a person crosses that, it's celebrated?

Nikhil: Heh. ISRO boy! ;)

Naween: By?