Sunday, February 08, 2009


I want it to rain. A long endless storm, complete with thunder and lightning. A storm so big that everything else ceases to matter. Something to clean up this place and drive all the negative things away.

The sky should become so dark that daylight is forgotten. The sound of the water must pound in my ears and remind me of waves crashing on jagged rocks. Bird calls and car noises must be silenced. The trees must fear for their very existence and bow before the wind in supplication. Leaves must scurry from place to place in search of shelter and finally, finding none, die a sodden death.

The purging should be complete, at whatever cost. Even if a few innocent things are washed away in the whirlwind. There must be no mercy.
• • •


Hameeduddin said...

The Real Taxi Driver - Please stand up !!

The Footloose Doll said...

I have an exam on the 25th and then some after two months. I should really be found studying these days. BUT, I've been reading your archives since the last five days almost obsessively, even though I have read them before.

I am not a stalker though. :)

Jade said...

Heh. I believe you. :)

And flattered. :)