Sunday, January 21, 2007

XAT results

If you think that this blog is turning into a place where I record all the calls I get - you're quite right! Cuz I have another! XAT results came out yesterday, and I got 99.67 percentile! Ha! Feline creatures of the world can go die for all I care!

Seriously, though - XAT was the best paper out of all the exams this year. CAT gave too much of an advantage to people good at quant, IIFT was a paper no one could make head or tail of, and SNAP was an insult to one's intelligence. XAT, on the other hand, was well-balanced and didn't give too much of an advantage to anyone. They even had a section on case studies, which I think is something a management exam should, ideally, have. Never mind that no one really attempted it. Also dude, they were giving out free coffee at my XAT centre! Just the thing on a cold winter morning. And the results were declared with in two weeks too! Unlike CAT which took a month and a half. And lest you think that this is sour grapes, I did get a call from IIFT and IIMA (a miracle, with 98.61 percentile) and I cleared the SIBM cutoff by twenty-three marks. (Good thing I didn't apply.)

Overall, the XAT results have left me quite content. Begone, feline monsters that told me I sucked at Verbal Ability! Begone, creatures that whispered that I couldn't do well just when it mattered!

As I posted on PagalGuy yesterday, if the way the institutes conduct their exams were a reflection of how good they are, God save the IIM's!
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The Priestess said...


N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Congrats Jasmine :)

ardent fan said...

congrats jasmie

Jade said...

Thanks, all..

Bij Chabs said...

Saw your profile on PGConnect as you've got ur XL interview on the same day as mine. Later on, got to read your blog.
You're right. XAT was the most balanced paper. CAT was a totally worthless paper this time, too easy on QA, too ambigous on VA.
Neway, hope your prep's going on well. All the best!!

Jade said...

Bij: Thanks, you too. Though since XLRI doesn't have GD, I guess it doesn't really matter that we have our interviews on the same day. What time is yours?