Monday, October 09, 2006


I like Delhi when it's raining. I love it in the autumn. I like it on foggy winter mornings. I dislike it when it leans on the horn a second after the light turns green. I loathe it when it labels me 'Madrasi' and takes me for granted. I like its DTC buses - for me they'll always mean U-specials and fun and non-flirty conductors. I love the green trees on both sides of the Delhi roads. I love Lutyen's Delhi. I like cruising through the streets at midnight, when the trees are lit by soft yellow sodium lamps. I pity Delhi when it asks me for alms at traffic lights, with a baby in its arms. I am in awe of the way it draws my eyes upwards everytime I pass South Block; the yellow and rust coloured stone always makes me feel proud of my country, how ironic.

I love the Delhi Metro. I love bus route no. 610. I like the little green autos. I love and hate travelling in Delhi autos in the winter - the chilly air will refresh you and freeze you to the bone at the same time. I loathe Delhi in the summer - how it tires you the moment you step out of the house, how it coats your hair with dust and sweat. But I love the taste of cold water after a day of travelling in the Delhi heat. Delhi taught me to value AC's and coolers. Delhi taught me how to travel by bus. In Delhi, I've travelled by car, by bike, by bus, by the Metro, by autos (both ordinary and the communal three-rupee ones). Delhi gave me every bit of whatever independence I have.

I love the AIIMS flyover. I love Dilli Haat. I like INA Market - Ivide Nursammaru Alayunnu, hehe. I love how you can always hear a bit of Malayalam if you listen hard enough, no matter which market you go to. I love the soft yellow glow of the lamps at vegetable markets. I love Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Janpath - I love all the street markets. I love the kurtas and the silver jewellery and the bargaining. Oh wait, not the bargaining.

I generally dislike North Delhi, but I love the University Campus. I love its greenery. I know I'm going to miss it in the years to come, no matter how much I crib about it. I wish I could have enjoyed it more. I love the bhel-puri-wallah at Patel Chest. Hell, I like all the street food I've ever eaten in Delhi. I love the momos at Dilli Haat. I also plan to eat beef from Kottaram restaurant in INA market at least once before I leave.

I loathe Delhi temples - both the ones I've been to, I mean. I like going up and down flyovers. I like Chanakya Cinema. I love Deer Park - its trees and its muted light and its geriatrics and its ruins.

[This post will keep getting updated as I think of more things I love/hate/dislike/loathe.]
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Ad astra per aspera said...

I despise Delhi, for all the unpleasant memories it evokes.
I hate the thought that I wasted four precious years of my life living there like a prisoner.
Hate the way it never once inspired me to take charge of my life.

However I love the way you write.

ak said...

Nice, this somehow reminded me of the ad - for that delhi marathon - "Chandni Chowk Dorega, happy singh dorega...".
You leaving Delhi...Where are you going?

Jade said...

astra: For the longest time, I used to blame Delhi for all the bad things that happened to me here. But then I guess I'm over that now. Hope you get over it too.

aj: Not leaving till next year. And that too only possibly. And thanks - I really like that ad.

ardent fan said...

yesterday i was in green park and i saw many girls who were getting mehendi designs done on their and classy delhi......

delhi road in the night,
drenched in sodium light
after that we went to chanakya and had dinner at T.N bhavan. ..hei can you suggest any place for authentic kerala food in delhi?

-ardent fan

Planck said...


P said...

you've gotten me all nostalgic now! :)