Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ode to a Winter Past

It's starting to get light earlier. The light rays seeping into my room make my brain all confused and it's waking me up earlier and earlier. It's rather amusing to wake up a couple of minutes earlier every day.

Anyway, it's official now - I like Delhi winters better than Delhi summers. Especially when they're like the last one was - cold, but sunny. I love it when it's cold and sunny. You can do all the things that make winter fun - open the windows wide and sleep in the sunshine, sit on a green lawn and bathe in the sunshine, hug yourself against the chilly wind and still see the trees sparkling in the sunshine. I like that.

But I like fog too. Not that we saw much of it this year, thankfully. But fog reminds of chilly shivery mornings waiting for the school bus, with desultory conversation about how freaking cold it is and the knowledge that it will be even colder in the bus with its broken windows.

Considering the way the Delhi summer behaves, it's a wonder anyone could possibly have a debate over whether winter's better than summer. But I don't like the darkness that winter brings. I guess I'm a morning person. Wait, no, I'm not - I hate getting up in the morning. So I guess I'm a late morning-early afternoon sort of person. As it gets later and later, my energy levels go down more and more. So I prefer it when it's properly light by six and when it's still light at seven in the evening. But that is the only thing I like about summer. Plus being able to wear light cotton instead of heavy wool, of course.

So I'm slightly sad that the winter is ending. Delhi breached the thirty degree celsius mark this week and I guess the temperature is only going to keep climbing. And it's only February as yet, for God's sake! It's maddening to watch the summer coming closer and closer and imagine with a shudder the travelling in the heat and the sweat and the over-brightness. I wish the current weather would go on all year around.
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clemenza said...


yea...winter is getting over...
its been predicted that its gonna cross 30 today in my town....its still chilly at nites...monday nite was the coldest in past 5 my small town

everyone likes winter..its sooooo "BMW"...

dont think you will have much problems adjusting to the summer in delhi..since you've spent some time down south in god's very own country !!!!


The Priestess said...

summer = ice creams + cold drinks + bright cotton clothes

the day ends too early in winters..that makes it depressing.

however, u r right about the early coming of summer, i got a headache today waiting for the bus in the sun!! peak summer travel will be torture. :(

only two more to go. yay :D

Jade said...

tECHJ: Trust me, the heat in God's Own Country is NOTHING compared to Delhi. In fact, I don't know how you can even compare the two. And what's BMW?

The Priestess: You complain about lack of sleep, but have no problem visiting random blogs, eh? Shame on you! :P

As for summer travel - at least we've got the Metro this year. In my first year, I had to spend two hours travelling in buses!