Tuesday, November 22, 2005


(Read on only if you're a Harry Potter fan. Possible spoilers, but what the hell, you'll know the story anyway.)

Ever since the first movie released, I've been wondering about the fourth one. The fourth book is the first of the long ones and I was rather curious to see how they would manage to fit in everything. Well, I got my answer yesterday.

The 1550 show at PVR Priya, and the people milling around are mostly kids; a couple of grownups hover around, clearly uncomfortable among the chattering teenage crowd.

The beginning of the movie brings a huge reaction from the audience. Whoops, whistles and very obviously feminine screams, as if it's a red carpet show, and not a movie screening. More whoops when the title is shown, and you know that it's a movie they've been waiting a long time to see.

The plot, of course, we all know: Harry is in his fourth year at Hogwarts and must compete in the Triwizard Tournament, a highly dangerous tournament between the schools of magic. As for the execution of the plot, the script isn't different from the book at all; to bring in changes, would, of course, have been considered sacrilige by the millions of Harry Potter fans the world over, but having read the book more times than I would care to admit, I did find myself wishing that the scenes weren't so predictable.

The movie mostly does live up to expectations. The special effects are truly spectacular; the dragon, the lake scene, last task - everything is as it should be. Though the Quidditch match, after a brilliant beginning that had me wanting to shout and scream alongside the Quidditch fans in the stadium, is a huge letdown, if I may use that word for something that - well, you'll see. I don't want to spoil it.

However, if you ask me whether I liked the movie - well, no, I didn't. Where this movie lacks is in the atmosphere. They've obviously made a conscious effort to keep it dark, but somehow they can't quite capture that Hogwarts atmosphere that the third one portrayed so well, so that you feel like you're being led through all the important scenes, but there is no connectivity.

Also, of course, they've had to cut out some scenes. Which is justifiable, but they've left out such brilliant pieces of Rowling imagination as Winky, Ludo Bagman and Loony Luna Lovegood. And several of the old characters are missing - Dobby, Mrs Weasley, Sirius Black, and of course, our old friends - the Dementors. Hagrid hardly makes an appearance, and the Dursleys are not even mentioned. I would so love to have watched that Ton Tongue Toffee scene.

Other peeves: the graveyard scene wasn't scary at all - Voldemort is supposed to be sinister and snake-like, not loud and so - well - underwhelmingly evil. Also, whatever happened to the Parting of the Ways? Isn't that almost the most important part of the book? And Dumbledore, as usual, disappoints: there's one scene in which he literally shakes Harry in his anger - and that is NOT in accordance with Dumbledore's character, dammit.

What I love most about the Potter books is the history - Harry's parents, the family connections, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. It's this stuff that makes the books appealing to me. And the movies can never capture that. Even the third movie, which remains my favourite, couldn't quite capture what I consider the most important thing in the third book - the bond of friendship between Harry's father and his friends. This movie, like the previous ones, does make an effort to give us an account of the past, but again, like the previous ones, it doesn't quite succeed.

So, yes, do go and watch it. Even if you don't like it, you'll definitely be mesmerized by the special effects. In fact, I think I'll be watching it again soon.


P.S. - Which country is that Krum guy from? Cuz, dude, if they make 'em all like that, I for one am moving to that country, he-he.
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Ravi Handa said...

the character as well as the actor are from bulgaria... as it is we dont hve that many gals.. then we hve the lesbians... and now ones like u... baaaaaaah..

Heena ... said...


Sup? I haven't seen the movie yet, the lazy ass that I am I didn't get the tickets earlier and now none are available up until Sunday so I will catch the movie then.

Well, I was a little concerned too on how they r going to handle the film. Frankly the third 'book' is my favourite in the series and the third 'movie' just the opposite. Sirius Black does not look like a hunk [Johnny Depp was more what I was looking for] and the werewolve scene in the end... who were they trying to scare, a bunch of eight year olds? Dementors hardly looked anything other than black wisps of smoke floating and flying [which is wrong since dementors only glide... anyways]

But my friends have told me that the fourth movie, although predictably unclear about some stuff is good to watch, like you said. Krum looks alright I guess not like I imagined, and Cedric... well, he looks 'gay' handsome.

Well, enough ramblings now I will wait till sunday to see this one. But I'm betting I'll like it anyways. It is 'Potter' after all. So long.

[Will be dropping by more often... Beware]

Jade said...

Handa: That's okay, man.. I'm not that great a loss.. :)

Heena: I know - that's what I thought at first about Sirius Black, too. But I guess I've grown used to Gary Oldman, too. But wow - Johnny Depp as Sirius Black? Would that have been a casting coup or what? :)

Ad astra per aspera said...

Oh Yea... Krum was kinda Kute...
I dunno why.. but whenever I see a HP movie, I feel that the three main characters are all the time busy 'reacting' rather than acting. Ron annoys me the most. Hermione is supposed to have frizzy hair and large teeth. This babe looks like a hot barbie doll. Harry looks like he has just shaved and nicked himself. He looks like he is in perpectual physical pain. I am sorry to sound so mean but these three are so disappointing, my imagination is way better. Dumbledore looks like he's about to faint,die or both.
Enough bitching.
..... but yea Krum rocked! *droool!
p.s Heena tickets are easily available, the kids were more interested in watching Shaadi no 1 * disgusted!

Tipsy Topsy said...

That explains the strange look when i asked if u had seen HP yet :)

I need company :((

Golden Words said...

ok, i am not a harry potter fan..what should i do? i havent read it..like u said i shouldnt.now what?

PotterFan said...

Haven't seen the movie yet,but then the last three were so utterly disappointing that I am not really psyched about it anyway...everyone hired by Warner Bros. seems to have this knack of killing the narrative somehow! But yes,as you said the special effects must be worth seeing.And as Handa pointed out, the guy who plays Krum (don't remember the name)is actually a Bulgarian.
And, a teensy blunder you made:Loony Lovegood doesn't make an appearance till Order of the Phoenix.

PotterFan said...

Depp as Black-my feelings exactly!Especially considering he was supposed to be devastatingly handsome and a little crazy...As for all the drool that is wetting your blog and comments,the guy playing Krum is kinda OK,but then,again, he was not really supposed to be good looking!Ref "He looks really grumpy"-said Hermione once and Ron's reply to that was "Who cares what he looks likE?He is Victor Krum!"

Rishabh Kaul said...

krum looked like a robot., otherwise the movie was ok-ish.

zypsy said...

have never read the potter series, so no comments on this post:-)

came across your page for the first time, found that i love all your fav books, Vernon God Little was just goooood!! the language's a bit similar to "catcher in the rye" but it was still an amazing book.

read your "lonely" post. i live alone too, been living alone for about 3 years. alone with my books, tapes and guitars. have a great weekend!!

Jade said...

Shilpa: I like Ron. But, yes, I think Hermione is way too hot to be Hermione, if you know what I mean. I guess you must have liked it then that those two were rather sidelined in this movie.

TT: He-he. Yeah, I was wondering if you were asking because you'd already read my post. :) As for the company, my sympathies, coz I know what you mean. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, anyone?)

Golden Words: Well, nice of you to let me know that you haven't read it. ;)

PotterFan: My God, you really know your Potter! As for the killing-the-flow thing, someone told me that the producers did want to make this movie in two parts, but the director convinced them that it would kill the flow to release it in two parts. Personally, I think I would have preferred the two-part option. What about you?

rishabh_flop_ruler: Who cares about whether he looked like a robot? He looked hot! But yeah, like PotterFan said, he wasn't supposed to be hot.

PotterFan said...

Two-part option? Nah,I would have enjoyed rather a tele-series with each chapter as one episode or something of the sort. Probably then I would get a chance of seeing my fave characters from the book...the Weasley Twins. Their complete nonexistence from the movies kills me. And I die a death each time I notice the entire humor-element of the books totally sapped out of the movie.That is the reason why I like the books,you see? You are so right when you say Radcliffe looks like he is in perpetual pain of the unbearable kind...it is the case in each film,not just this one. He so is not how I imagined Harry to be in the first place! And the messing up of little details like McGonagall as a red head (she's supposed to have black hair) and Hermione turning up in a pink dress for the Yule Ball (it was supposed to be periwinkle blue-I mean,come on,Hermione is not exactly the kind to wear pink! And as rightly pointed out by you,not that hot either!!)
God!How many deaths is a girl supposed to die???

Tipsy Topsy said...

U come for HP and I will come for Charlie :D ;)