Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tagged! 3

*This Post Will Keep Getting Updated*

Well, so I've been tagged by the Smugbug. I'm supposed to write a story in less than fifty-five words. How easy, I thought. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. The last thing I wrote was this and, as you can see from the date, that was a long time ago. The following story just popped into my head and it's not what I thought I would end up writing, so please excuse - well, pretty much everything..

1. True Love Bypassed

"Him? But he's so ugly!"
"No, he's not!"
”Look at his nose!”
"There’s nothing wrong with his nose!”
“Sweetie, you need someone to make P jealous, not make him laugh. You should pick someone handsome.”
“Yeah, I guess..”
“What about that guy over there?”
“Better than your guy. Ask him, go on.”
Sighing, “Okay.”
(55 words, not counting the title.)

2. Puking by the Roadside

The images kept haunting him throughout the drive. Finally, he stopped the car and puked by the roadside. Vehicles roared by. He wondered what those drivers thought of him. He wondered if she would be stiff by now, inside the trunk. He wondered if he would puke when he buried her. He rather thought not.

(55 words, again not counting the title)

3. Decisions

There wasn’t much time left. She had ruled out the blue one, so there were just two choices left. Moisture trickled down her back. The cutter in her hand wavered, first over the red one and then over the green one. Finally, she decided on the red one. Snip went the sweater’s price tag.
(54 words)

Update # 1:

I forgot that I was supposed to pay this forward, so here are the five people whose literary genius I want to - er- stoke? As in, you know, stoke the fire sort of thing?
  1. Arnav
  2. eM
  3. Pradyot
  4. Inky
  5. SOxy
Some of these people won't do it, since I'm aiming rather high here, but whatever. I want to read stories written by these people, so there.

Update # 2:

To see how this should actually be done, visit this place. This blogger has posted a lot of stories, in different posts, so I can't link to all of them. But his tales are so much better than mine, they shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence.
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Nikhil said...

Din't bother to check if the word count was 55 or not, but 29 is some number!!

Pradyot said...

Insightful! ;)

Jade said...

The Ultimate Quirk: Heh. :D Yeah, isn't it? And some of the people who made it 29 are female! Yay! :)

Pradyot: Insightful? Hmm.. Maybe if you look at the title as well, I guess.

Rajesh J Advani said...

I liked the second one. Vey nice. :) I think you're praising me a little too much, though :)

Loved your Red Riding Hood story :) You should write more often.

Artful Badger said...

Those were morbid stories. Is there some deep meaning I am missing here :)??

Primalsoup said...

Good Show! I liked the second one the best, pretty vivid albeit graphic sort of imagery!

And thank you for not calling me evil, like some of the other people I had tagged did! :)

Jade said...

Rajesh: Thank you. That means a lot to me. Really. :)

Ramani: Morbid? Morbid? Well, maybe the second one. And maybe the first one - if you're the kind that believes in fate. But come on.. The third one was about choosing what to wear! (Maybe it wasn't obvious enough?) :P

Primalsoup: Evil? Not at all. I had good fun. Or should I say, am having good fun. :P

Kumari said...

Liked the second one but i thought the third one was about a shoplifter caught in a dilemma :)

Jade said...

Kumari: lol!! Yes, I wondered if anyone would get that image. Truth to tell, that WAS what I was going for at first. But I couldn't make it obvious enough in 55 words.. :)

lord_of_the_trees said...

hello!!!wish u good luck